Mousse cakes, Season 2


This set includes 8 detailed mousse cake recipes with easy-to-follow process pictures. List of recipes:

  1. Blackcurrant and chocolate mousse cake. Cake composition: Chocolate sponge, Blackcurrant confit, Blackcurrant and chocolate cremeaux, Blackcurrant mousse
  2. Chocolate, Irish cream liqueur, coffee & stout mousse cake. Cake composition: Chocolate sponge on stout base, Chocolate crunchy layer, Coffee cremeaux with Irish cream liqueur, Chocolate mousse with Irish cream liqueur
  3. Cream cheese, blackberry, caramel & hazelnut mousse cake. Cake composition: Hazelnut sponge, Salted caramel, Blackberry confit, Cream cheese mousse
  4. Gianduia, apricot, and caramel mousse cake. Cake composition: Caramel sponge, Apricot cremeaux, Apricot confit, Gianduia caramel mousse
  5. Mango, passion fruit, coconut & pineapple mousse cake. Cake composition: Coconut Dacquoise sponge, Crunchy layer with coconut and passion fruit crispies, Mango, passion fruit and pineapple confit, Coconut mousse, Mango and passion fruit mousse
  6. Marzipan, fig, raspberry, beetroot & chocolate mousse cake. Cake composition: Chocolate-beetroot sponge, Fig and raspberry confit, Caramel cremeaux, Marzipan mousse
  7. Raspberry, fresh mint, lime & white chocolate mousse cake. Cake composition: Raspberry Dacquoise sponge, Raspberry ganache with fresh raspberries, Lime and fresh mint cremeaux, White chocolate mousse with lime
  8. Vanilla ice cream, yogurt & red berry mousse cake. Cake composition: Yogurt sponge with vanilla, Crunchy yogurt layer, Red berry confit, “Vanilla Ice cream” mousse

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