Confections. 30 Recipes

Confections. 30 Recipes

This is a set of 13 detailed video courses and 30 text recipes of small sweets for pleasant tea parties or gifts. Set includes recipes of these confections: crunchy berry meringues, chewy fruity jellies or pate de fruits, chewy sweet caramel candies, spongy fruit marshmallows, airy delicate zephyr and creamy fruity and nutty souffle candies. 

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and purchase 30 detailed confectionery recipes and get 50+ more ideas for their flavor variations.

  • Meringues: Cranberry; Apricot; Classic
  • Fruit Jellies: Raspberry & Tonka Bean; Sea buckthorn & Orange; Blackcurrant; Pear & Vanilla; Strawberry; Apricot & Passion
  • Chewy Caramel Candies: Salted caramel; Coffee; Raspberry; Sea buckthorn
  • Marshmallows: Cherry; Classic; Passion fruit; Creamy Strawberry; Mint & Chocolate
  • Zephyr: Apple (Classic); Blackcurrant; Mango & Passion fruit; Raspberry; Strawberry, lime & basil zephyr
  • Souffle Candies: Blackcurrant; Hazelnut & Chocolate; Classic; Caramel; Pistachio; Pineapple; Strawberry & Yogurt
  • BONUS VIDEO COURSE: How to prepare cutting template
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Course Details

  • After making the purchase you will have immediate access to all the materials
  • This course includes 30 detailed text recipes and 13 video courses
  • Video duration: 90 minutes total
  • Language: English, Russian, Latvian