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We are professional pâtissiers with a passion for entremets — the elegant mousse cakes,
macarons and other French desserts. Our mission at Dessert School is helping you learn pastry
and guiding you through the process of becoming the best chef you can be!

Pastry art, made easy

It's all about the details

Inspiration and talent are important in pastry, but more so are the details, ingredients,
exact numbers and the tools you use. We’ll share the secrets with great attention
to detail — so you can start preparing the desserts right away.

With your understanding as our priority, we have even included a personalized
support and guidance with each course you purchase.

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How to find a course? Advice
December 12, 2018

How to find a course?

From mousse cakes, entremets to macarons and zephyr, from chocolate and salted caramel to passion fruit and mango — we know it might be daunting for you to find the right course. Especially if you’re just starting out with pastry and learning how to prepare an awesome cake! Don’t fret, because…

Dessert School

How to find a course?

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